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weekly p&l report - 20/24 sept 2021

A very frustrating week for our algos : on one hand , we had nice trades closed by ProCatcher Nikkei (54€/+100 pips) and ProScalper Wall Street that seems to be very efficient since it received its updates (+50€/circa 80 pips) and our ProCatcher US Tech 100 which keeps up the good work (our best algo since inception of our portfolio). On the other hand we had the confirmation that Procatcher Germany30 has to be updated (another loosing trade and week). Overall week is negative (-49.2€) due to the SL taken by Procatcher Germany 30 while we were very to achieve another green week and be back to green since inception of our portfolio. We believe the we should end the month with a profit and probably be in profit since the inception of our portfolio. Also, the update of Procatcher Germany 40 is ready and will be live for October. We also issued a small update on ProScalper Wall Street and ProScalper Germany40 which will be also live for October.

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